First on the Moon. A Voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. (Gene Farme...

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Verfasser: Gene Farmer, Dora Jane Hamblin, Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins, Edwin E. Aldrin Jr.
Little, Brown and Company. Boston, Toronto 1970
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Sprache: Englisch

The time, money, lives, will, knowledge - the total effort that went into putting man on the moon is beyond measurement. First on the Moon: A Voyage with Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Edwin E. Aldrin Jr. is the exclusive story of Apollo 11 and the always thrilling and historic personal experiences of the three astronauts who put man on the moon. It is a voyage in every sense of the word - through time, from President Kennedys fateful pronouncement on May 25, 1961, that the United States would put man on the moon before the decade was out, and throuhg space, with Mercury, Gemini, an Apollo.

Incredible stories such as this one are rarely described in any way befitting the adventure itself, but with the help of Gene Farmer and Dora Jane Hamblin, First on the Moon has been written with a depth and impact equal in every way to the adventure itself.

The flight of Apollo 11 is of course the essence of First on the Moon and, although it is thoroughly documented, it is written in what Mike Collins calls "agricultural terms". It is always a personal account - the astronauts as representatives of all mankind, but as individuals with their own responses to each step in the adveture. From the dramatic liftoff and earth orbit through the operation known as translunar injection, then transposition and docking - each mechanized and technical operation becomes a human exploit rivaling the most thrilling moments in the tales told by H. G. Wells and Jules Verne. Neil Armstrong, Michael Collins and Buzz Aldrin were chosen to go on the most thrilling of all voyages, but the enterprise was not theirs and theirs alone. Many thousends of scientists, engineering and industrial people were behind them, including eight astronauts who did not live to see the day.

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