V 2 (Walter Dornberger)

V 2 (Walter Dornberger)

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>> Deutscher Titel: V2 - Der Schuss ins Weltall. Geschichte einer großen Erfindung

Author: Major-General Walter Dornberger; Translated from the German by James Cleugh and Geoffrey Halliday
Hurst and Blacket. London. 1954
264 pages
Sprache: Englisch

Major General Dornberger was head of the German Army's rocket missile development programmes, responsible for creating the first intercontinental missile, the V 2, which was used against Britain and parts of Europe in the latter part of WWII. Here Dornberger traces the development. testing and use of this weapon and others that were under design or test toward the end of the war in Europe. An interesting account of this aspect of Germany's war effort. and the science that went into it.

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