Hermann Oberth. The Father of Space Flight (Boris V. Rauschenbach)

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Author: Boris V. Rauschenbach
West Art. New York. 1994
254 pages
Language: English

"What is the purpose of space travel? To make available for life every place where life is possible. To make inhabitable all worlds as yet uninhabitable, and all life purposeful." (Hermann Oberth)

"The dramatic moment at which a human being first set foot on another heavenly body was a new high point in human history, a high point for which Hermann Oberth laid the foundation and created the prerequisites." (Wernher von Braun)

"Hermann Oberth has breathed life into the age of space, nurtured it, and watched it grow." (Neil Amstrong)

"The moment a human being had the idea and ability to create a "work of art," the first landing on the moon and flight into space in reality began at that time. (Arno Breker)

"Mankind's first tentative steps toward its neighbors in space may be compared with the bold steps those aquatic animals undertook 200 million years ago when for the first time they left their familiar watery abode an ventured out into the thoroughly hostile environement of dry land." (Ernst Stuhlinger)

"The successful and timely completion of the lunar landing is the most impressive accomplishment of the German-American team of rocket engineers and space scientists and will be noted in the annals of human history for all time to come." (Konrad K. Dannenberg)

"The next scientific step that would be comparable to Hermann Oberth's contribution to the evolution of mankind would be to exceed the speed of light in space travel." (Joe F. Bodenstein)

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