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Englische Übersetzung der Geräte- und Funktonsbeschreibung für die V2/ Aggregat 4 Rakete im Kriegseinsatz.

166 Seiten, Lose Ringbindung, ca. A4-Format.
Englische Übersetzung: John A. Bitzer und Ted Wörner
Army Ballastic Missile Agency, Redstone Arsenal, Alabama, 1957
ISBN: 1-894643-14-3

"Everybody listen up!

You, dear reader, find here
the new Fibel for the A4.
The boring stuff, with premeditation
in a easy form presented,
makes it more pleasent for you,
it should be evident and convenient
to go into your flesh and blood
if it did not happened yet.
So far everything is good and beautiful,
but, please, one cannot be overlooked:

The whole stuff about the A4 is top secret, just remember this!

Who speaks about it, perpetrates treason,
it hurts you and the state!
Just remember one thing,
Do not take part in any debate!
Make yourself not smarter then you are,
because it is not of your own knowledge.
Stay away from discussions
you only get in trouble!
And you get ask by an outsider
an informer or a smart ass,
then just go into full retreat,
Otherwise you could loose your head!
Put on your stupidest face and say:
My name is rabbit, I do not know nothing!""

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