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Astrofood – Pork with vegetables – Cosmonaut food

Product no.: sfl121

Main course: Pork with Vegetables. Nutritious cosmonaut food. Space food. Net weight: 115 g. Shelf life: 18 months

16.82 *
Not in stock
Delivery weight: 180 g

INOCHI - The Book of Life | Das Buch des Lebens (Eng | Deu)

Product no.: pkp-1-464

268 pages. The real meaning of the search for the Kototama Principle is the search for the substance of self.

18.60 *
Delivery weight: 450 g

OrgonEnergieSysteme I

Product no.: pkp-1-181

(72 Seiten) Einführung in die orgonotische Beeinflussung der Atmosphäre; Wolkenzerstäuben; Regenmachen; Orgonenergie; Cloudbuster

11.21 *
Delivery weight: 120 g

Friedrich Nietzsches Übermensch

Product no.: pkp-1-051

(160 Seiten) Die stillsten Worte sind es, welche den Sturm bringen. Gedanken, die mit Taubenfüssen kommen, lenken die Welt. (F. Nietzsche)

14.01 *
Delivery weight: 250 g

Planet data wheel Solar system with bookmark (German)

Product no.: cg051-1

The most important physical data on the planets of our solar system are displayed on the board by means of a rotating disk

5.67 *
Delivery weight: 70 g

Space stress toy space flight rocket – 15 cm high

Product no.: es203

15 cm high space flight toy rocket made of soft, elastic, rubber-like plastic – soft/stress toy

5.88 *
Delivery weight: 100 g

Astronaut Space Food – Neapolitan ice cream sandwich

Product no.: asf101

Space Food. Freeze dried ready to eat astronaut food. Chocolate-vanilla-strawberrie ice cream sandwich. Net weight: 28g. Shelf life: 3 Years

9.10 *
Not in stock
Delivery weight: 60 g

V-2 Rocket Model Detailed ++

Product no.: 1400

Detailed replication Aggregat 4 / V-2; scale 1:77; solid steel; wooden base; design October 3, 1942; brochure "V-2 Story"; giftbox

114.34 *
Delivery weight: 800 g

Rocket Cup, Trophy, Award, Silver +

Product no.: 1100

Silver-coloured neutral rocket (V-2 scale model, 1:77), solid steel, wooden base, base-label attached, cup, trophy, award

63.40 *
Delivery weight: 800 g

Physical 3D puzzle – Space Shuttle

Product no.: es403

Physical 3D puzzle of the NASA Space Shuttle module, 82 parts, assembled 9 x 8 x 20 cm, childs age 7+

5.88 *
Delivery weight: 150 g

Astronaut Teddy – 25 cm furry teddy bear, plush bear

Product no.: es310

Astronaut Teddy 25 cm plush bear, embroidered space suit details, removable fabric helmet, working zip, suitable for all ages

26.25 *
Delivery weight: 200 g

Cosmonaut White – 17 cm soft toy key ring

Product no.: es321

Key ring of Cosmonaut White, 17 cm high out of this world plush figure with key ring, suitable for all ages

13.13 *
Delivery weight: 100 g

3D bookmark – Planets of the Solar system (German)

Product no.: cg202-1

3D bookmark with images of the planets of our Solar system (21 cm x 6 cm); information about the planets on the back (German)

3.24 *
Delivery weight: 30 g

Ten 2D magnets set – Kids comic planets of the Solar system

Product no.: cg151

Set of ten round 2D magnets with comic images of the planets of the Solar system; Sun 5.6 cm; Pluto 2.5 cm; other planets 3.7 cm diameter

13.50 *
Delivery weight: 90 g

Licht & Tinte

Product no.: pkp-1-457

(104 S.) Fotos inspirierten Autoren zu Texten und Texte wurden von Fotografen bebildert. 60 Fotos und 57 Texte verschmolzen zu Licht & Tinte

24.77 *
Delivery weight: 800 g

Geschichten aus dem Leseturm III

Product no.: pkp-1-372

(256 Seiten) Das Wendebuch: Erlebte Revolution 1989/90, Massenflucht, Reisefreiheit, D-Mark, Wiedervereinigung. Wir sind das Volk!

14.01 *
Delivery weight: 300 g

Der Spatzenjunge Flori

Product no.: pkp-1-242

(56 Seiten) Drei Fabeln vermitteln drei wichtige Lebensregeln. Das Buch ist durchgehend mit farbigen Aquarellen illustriet.

13.97 *
Delivery weight: 120 g

The Source of the Old and New Testaments

Product no.: pkp-kb-440

241 pages. “In the beginning there was the Word” – The Old and New Testaments examined through the viewpoint of Kototama

23.90 *
Delivery weight: 530 g

My Past Way of Budo. And other Essays

Product no.: pkp-kb-402

101 pages. Sensei Nakazono studied Aikido directly under O Sensei Ueshiba. The Kototama Principle changed his understanding of Aikido.

17.38 *
Delivery weight: 220 g

Inochi. The Book of Life

Product no.: pkp-kb-inochi

119 pages. The ancient principle of Kototama – The 50 life rhythms, including the 5 mother sounds combining with the 10 father rhythms

17.38 *
Delivery weight: 190 g

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy

Product no.: pkp-kb-433

71 pages. Sensei Nakazono, a master healer, transformed the "ancient" healing methods to follow the Kototama Principle.

17.61 *
Delivery weight: 150 g

The Source of the Present Civilization

Product no.: pkp-kb-426

243 pages. The most current explanation of the Kototama Principle and revelations about ancient times.

23.82 *
Delivery weight: 510 g

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