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Pierre Kynast
May 2021


In many countries around the world, more and more people are realising that their original humanity, their free development as human beings, is in danger. That is a good sign. For where the danger is recognised, it is almost averted. Nevertheless, without action, thoughts are nothing. Therefore, you and I must find the courage to trust our own reason, our feeling, ourselves. We must make a plan for ourselves. Otherwise - we can now see this abundantly clearly if we want to - others will make one for us. In this sense, it is high time for our own political experiments, especially in view of the fact that forces are becoming increasingly apparent that claim the sole right to experiment.

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Election to the 8th Landtag of Saxony-Anhalt
6 June 2021

With the coming state parliamentary elections, we determine what policies will be made or represented in our federal state over the next five years, i.e. until 2026.

A well-known saying is: "If elections changed anything, they would have been abolished long ago."

The Corona state of exception is, in my view, the culmination of a culminating trend over the last 10 to 20 years, the rearing up of old forces in decay and their stooges who are trying to hold on to their position by hook or crook. Let's take advantage of the elections while they last.

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