Rocket customised according to your idea

Rocket customised according to your idea

can be shipped within 30 bis 60 days

As the first object in outer space, the Aggregate 4 is in fact the ideal and archetype of a rocket. It is perfekt as an ideal representation of the subject "rocket" in all conceivable respects. We would be glad to implement your "rocket project" with you.

  • Customisable: Colour of the rocket
  • Pattern, logo, lettering on the body of the rocket
  • Pattern, logo, lettering on the fins
  • Fins standard or rounded edges
  • Label for the base
  • Rocket model base: Aggregate 4, Scale: 1:77
  • Material: Solid steel
  • Weight without base: Approx. 420 grams
  • Height without base: Approx. 185 mm
  • Diameter rocket body: Approx. 21 mm
  • Standard base: Wood
  • Dimensions: Approx. 95 x 95 x 35 mm
  • Total weight (rocket with base): Approx. 600 grams
  • Overall height (rocket with base): Approx. 220 mm
  • Dimension of label for base: 81 x 27 mm

The price of your customized rocket depends in particular on the complexity of the design, and still on the quantity of models / trophies ordered. In both cases you can orientate yourself by the prices of our Aggregat 4 standard models. In addition to the price per unit, one-time setup costs are incurred, which, depending on the effort, amount to 150.- EUR or more. For quantities under 25 pieces, small-quantity surcharges may apply.

The delivery time is around one to two months. Please contact us with your questions.

Additional product information

Sketch, dimesions and design possibilities Download

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