Space Shuttle (NASA) 7,5 cm resin

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Toy figure NASA Space Shuttle

  • Resin
  • Length: ca. 7.5 cm
  • With cord for hanging

Caution, choking hazard. Not suitable for children under 3 years of age. Swallowable small parts


Space Shuttle

A space shuttle could carry up to eight astronauts and 24.5 tonnes of payload at a time into low Earth orbit (between about 200 and 650 kilometres orbital altitude). In addition, the shuttle docked with space stations (initially the Russian Mir, later the ISS) several times using docking adapters. The ability to transport crew and cargo at the same time made the shuttle very versatile. Satellites could be launched, repaired or returned to Earth, but the construction and resupply of Mir and ISS were also a central part of the shuttle missions. After the last flight of the Apollo spacecraft in 1975, the shuttle was NASA's workhorse from 1981 onwards. A total of 135 flights were carried out. The last shuttle flight, STS-135, took off on 8 July 2011. With the landing of Atlantis on 21 July 2011, the era of the space shuttles came to an end.


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