CloudBusterMini – CBM

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CloudBuster Mini - CBM
Galvanized steel tube; Wood hinge; Protective caps; Flyer "Cloud busting"

Cloud busting

Focus on a very small and very close little cloud that is not sloppy or dirty but as clearly contoured and white as possible. Keep your eyes focused on it. If the cloud is small and close enough, it will most likely dissolve in one to three minutes. The CloudBuster Mini supports this natural feature but is not its cause. Never look directly into the sun and not too long at clouds that strongly reflect the sun.

Before you start

If you decide to go exploring the life force Orgone with your own experiments, you should be aware that as a person, in a very holistic sense, you are part of those attempts. If you use Orgone technique, such as for example, if you are using a CloudBuster Mini, you are not out of the picture as a neutral observer, but become part of a larger Orgone energy system.

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