Product no.: oes101

OrgoneAccumulator with five double layers; Volume of accumulation space 33 cm³; Normalized for research; Number of double layers variable

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Delivery weight: 17 kg

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Product no.: oes102

Orgone hose for ORAK 33³: Galvanized steel sheet inside; Jacket PVC; Diameter: inside 21.1 mm, outside 26.4 mm; Length 2000 mm

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Delivery weight: 950 g

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Product no.: oes-z-001

Digital control thermometer; Cable length for temperature sensor 3 m; Temperature sensor suitable for connection to ORAK 33³

Product no.: oes103

Five double layers (5 DL) expansion kit for Orensys ORAK 33³; 30 pieces galvanized sheet steel foil; 30 pieces of PE foam film

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Delivery weight: 350 g

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