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Fudoshin Dojo Leipzig - Philippe Orban, 6. Dan Aikikai Tokyo - Aikido, Kashima no TachiPhilippe Orban (6th Dan Aikikai Tokyo)
Fudoshin Dojo Leipzig
Aikidio, Kashima no tachi, Shinkitai

- describes a relaxed, calm state of consciousness,
- is perception of the moment without change through conscious thinking,
- allows fear and stress to be met with calm in order to be able to act unhindered,
- arises in the training of a naturally relaxed movement, breathing and centering.

In the Fudoshin Dojo Leipzig you can study Aikido, the sword fighting art of the school of Kashima as well as the comprehensive nature of Budo – with body, soul and spirit.

Philippe Orban Sensei was born in 1962 in France and began to learn Aikido at the age of 18 as a student of Christian Tissier (8th Dan Aikikai Tokyo). Since 1996 he has been leading the Fudoshin Dojo in Leipzig and is an internationally recognized teacher for Aikido and the swordmanship of Kashima no Tachi.


Fudoshin Dojo Halle (Saale) - Dirk Fleckenstein (3th Dan) - Aikido, Waffen, BudoDirk Fleckenstein (3th Dan)
Fudoshin Dojo Halle (Saale)
Aikido, Waffen, Budo

Aikido is a peaceful martial art and the answer to the ever more complex world full of irritations and illusions. Aikido is holistic, a path (Do), which can penetrate and accompany the whole life. Aikido is power (Ki), which waits in one's own body and in the universe to be awakened and used. And Aikido is love (Ai), because fight always consists of a duality between two people and they enter into a connection for the fight.


Erste Aikidoshule Dresden - Maik Gräfe (4th Dan Aikikai Tokyo) - AikidoAikido, Taijiquan, Qui GongMaik Gräfe (4th Dan Aikikai Tokyo)
Erste Aikidoschule Dresden
Aikido, Taijiquan, Qi Gong

Aikido and Taijiquan are ancient martial arts and arts of movement which serve the development of body and mind as well as self-defense. Their health value is recognized worldwide. As martial arts they follow the traditions, which promote inner energy instead of muscle power. They combine self-defense movements with the guidance of inner energy and are therefore regarded as inner martial arts. Accordingly, they can be practiced successfully by young and old, man and woman, large and small alike.



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