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INOCHI - The Book of Life | Das Buch des Lebens (Eng | Deu)

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The Book of Life | Das Buch des Lebens

Hinomoto no Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

English | Deutsch

German by Pierre Kynast

268 pages. Paperback. Bilingual edition ENG-DEU. 11 figures. Including sound charts. ISBN 9783943519464


[1.1] The Kototama Principle was perfected many ages ago by our human ancestors. It is the principle of human life in its totality, the principle that governs the activity of the life of the universe. It is the law of the operation of human capacity, its derivation, manifestation and action.

[1.2] It is within the scope of human capability to create religion, philosophy, art, science, economics, politics, etc. Those manifestations of abilities and actions, from which all civilizations in their myriad aspects are created, follow the principle and law of Kototama. It is, therefore, the basic law or mirror of the Last Judgment.

[1.3] It is we human beings who must judge the rightness or wrongness, the good and bad, of those things we have created. Without our purification, we cannot make a last judgment.

[1.4] Some eight thousand years ago, the only true principle for human beings was hidden and civilization went its way in ignorance of it – until now. [...]

[1.5] For the salvation of all people – to get out of the hell-world of our own making, actual civilization – we must recapture this life principle and turn back again to our natural, original humanity. Salvation does not come from somewhere else. It is we who must save ourselves, but we need the mirror with which to do it. [...]





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