Teststand 7

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Written and directed by: Robert Bramkamp
Starring: Inga Busch, Peter Lohmeyer, u. a.
Length: 112 minutes
Languages: Deutsch, English

On October 3, 1942 the first rocket took off into space. The Germns had no idea that they had launched the birth of a ghost. It is called Bianca and she is the ghost of the rocket. In search of her origins, Bianca travels all over Germany and through time - from the cradle of space travel in Peenemuende to her planned future in Bremen. Tracing Bianca's path, the film presents a character study of the rocket. As the film proceeds, documentary merges with fiction, essential facts are mixed with minor trivia, earnest themes mingle with the comic, technology rubs schulders with literature. The film is aimed at the heart of our fascination with modern technology, for which the rocket stands as its towering emblem. For "Teststand 7" the US cultauthor Thomas Pynchon has for the first time given permission for partial filming of his rocket novel "Gravity's Rainbow".

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