The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (Eng | Deu)

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The Real Source of Natural Therapy

Der wirkliche Sinn natürlicher Heilverfahren

Hinomoto no Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

English | Deutsch

German by Pierre Kynast

172 pages. Paperback. Bilingual edition ENG-DEU. 22 figures. Including sound charts. ISBN 9783943519556

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This therapy is based on the life principle of Kototama Futomani. By this medical work, we are attempting to demonstrate that this principle is the final truth.

I have been a practitioner of oriental medicine for the past fifty years. Oriental medicine is one name but there are many different methods and groups of specialization within the same broad heading. These groups have their advantages and disadvantages but they have no fundamental general principle of the source of human disease. Western medicine is the same.

When I arrived at this life principle, I began to re-study oriental medicine, comparing it to the life principle. Gradually I began to understand that the medical principles based on the life principle were symbolically hidden in the Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Internal Medicine, the Nei-Ching, our religious doctrines, cultural mythologies, etc. The content of the life principle was hinted at and all the ancient documents were based upon these hints. These documents of principles and theories were transmitted generation to generation and are the basis of today’s oriental medicine.

Present human beings must try to understand the true meaning of our ancestors’ thoughts and teachings. First we must renounce our present knowledge and return “as a new born baby”, our minds a blank piece of paper, and begin to search for the real source of ourselves – our substance.

The original way of civilization was based on the view of the life dimension’s world; their medical therapies were the same. However, after the life principle was hidden in symbolic hints, these hints became the foundation of today’s “oriental medicine”. Today, oriental medicine and oriental civilization have no way to grasp the content of the substance. They have lost it.

For the past twenty years I have searched and practiced so as to grasp the life principle. The present situation of civilization has to be based on this principle. I founded this life therapy with the intention of proving the Way of Truth.

Masahilo M. Nakazono

Santa Fe, N.M. 1985



Healing can never be perfected as long as the treatment is confined to the maintenance of our physical existence. We need to realize the total relationship of human beings to the plants, earth, water, heat and air, as well as to the earth and heaven. Until that time comes, humanity will continue to fear sickness and death.

When aspirin was first discovered, it was thought that this would be the end of colds. Penicillin, antibiotics, steroids and other powerful new drugs have since helped some lives, yet the number of sick people is on the increase. It seems the more new drugs are discovered, the more new illnesses emerge which cannot be cured by them. We are all well aware of this situation, particularly those in the health care community. Doctors who honestly confront their responsibility must suffer because of it. It is the most painful experience for a doctor to see a patient he or she cannot help. Yet even with this sense of sadness, people all over the world die every day – babies, young people and the aged. Why does this happen when we have so many new and improved therapies today?

Scientific research has almost completed its understanding of the body’s physical nature, but still sickness cannot be cured. Why? We must wake up and discover the answer to this question. Many people have already touched on this point, but no one has yet found the answer.

As a student of natural therapy, I am particularly interested in studying the world of the life will. The principle of the life will was found and perfected by our ancient forebears but it has entirely been forgotten. This loss saddens me, so that whenever I can, I try to explain it to others through my writing and speaking. I am always attempting to contact other real students of the truth.

In any discussion of natural therapy, we must also speak about modern therapy and find the basic premise behind each of these disciplines. We must discover the relationship between the spiritual civilization of ten thousand years ago, and today’s material civilization

which began about four thousand years ago. Until four thousand years ago, there were no nations – there were no borders. As was written in the Bible, the whole world spoke one language – the one Word – and that was the peaceful and perfect era of the Garden of Eden. We think of this period as something of a myth, a fable which no one takes seriously. Nevertheless, it did exist. The destruction of the Tower of Babel was the destruction of the one language of human beings which marks the beginning of the separation inherent in the material civilization.

The biblical symbolism conceals the one principle which had been the basis of the spiritual civilization. From the beginning of the material civilization, all that had been a unified whole began to be separated, moving further and further away from this one principle. This current of civilization has continued into our present era. Medicine, in the context of civilization, is obliged to evolve along the same lines, i.e., to separate from the principle of the first civilization. You may think ancient history has no relationship to medical therapies, but, until this fact is understood, we will not find a solution to today’s difficulties.

The first civilization was based on the principle of the totality of life. The second civilization is based on the scientific study of each part of the objective limited world – the world of limited phenomena. It studies that which we can see and grasp with the physical senses. In studying the object, we lose the subject and human beings become another object in the phenomenal world. We believe the subject can be found by starting with a scientific study of the object, but it can never be found in that direction. The subject does not come after the object. Until our search can take a different turn, we will always search in vain.

In studying the objective world, we begin by dissecting it more and more minutely, destroying the object’s form, sacrificing the integrity of the whole for its parts. Who can say how much life has been sacrificed to develop today’s modern medicine? Without sacrificing the form, the scientific civilization could not have been completed. We can clearly see that this way of destruction – the dissection of life

– belongs to the same current of separation which divides all areas of civilization into separate languages, countries and religions. As it intensifies, more and more separate theories will emerge. The great leaders of the first civilization prophesied that this would occur and left us many descriptions of our age in seemingly mythological stories.

In the current of this age, it is impossible for medical work, all by itself, to hold on to the truth; it naturally reflects its time. To perfect any therapy, to rebuild a perfect society, to turn away from this complex mental haze, we must re-discover the spiritual principle – the ancient truth of our ancestors. There is no other way.


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