INOCHI. The Book of Life

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The Book of Life


Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

119 pages. ISBN 9780971667419. Sound charts included

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This book presents the ancient principle of Kototama. The 50 life rhythms, including the 5 mother sounds combining with the 10 father rhythms, are explored fully. This practice opens one up to the highest human capacity. The three orders of society are delineated and explained in detail. Sensei Nakazono studied directly under Senseis Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) and Ogasawara (a teacher of the Kototama Principle) for many years, and then taught the Kototama Principle in Europe, the United States, and Mexico.




The Kototama Principle was perfected many ages ago by our human ancestors. It is the principle of human life in its totality, the principle that governs the activity of the life of the universe. It is the law of the operation of human capacity, its derivation, manifestation and action.

It is within the scope of human capability to create religion, philosophy, art, science, economics, politics, etc. Those manifestations of abilities and actions, from which all civilizations in their myriad aspects are created, follow the principle and law of Kototama. It is, therefore, the basic law or mirror of the Last Judgement.

It is we human beings who must judge the rightness or wrongness, the good and bad, of those things we have created. Without our purification, we cannot make a last judgement.

Some eight thousand years ago, the only true principle for human beings was hidden and civilization went its way in ignorance of it – until now. This book explains Kototama, in its order, but it is my third attempt. In the last two versions, “Messiah’s return” and “Kototama”, I was not satisfied with the translation into English and this time, I am stating it somewhat differently.

For the salvation of all people – to get out of the hell-world of our own making, actual civilization – we must recapture this life principle and turn back again to our natural, original humanity. Salvation does not come from somewhere else. It is we who must save ourselves, but we need the mirror with which to do it. To start with, I shall give an outline of the principle here, for those who are reading about it for the first time.

The manifestation of human life, both body and spirit, is the activity of total human life in a priori universe: Human = Universe. Human life is the universe itself; this explanation of our life is the basic premise of the Kototama Principle.

In ancient books, the explanation of the principle followed the order of dimensions, from a priori universe to its manifestation as human life and capacity; my explanation follows the same order. The steps we take in search of our deeper self – of who is I Am and being utterly certain of it, must follow this order. It is impossible to find the final truth if the order is mistaken.

Human life will and power, I-WI, act as eight motive vibrations; it is this action which later creates the human body.

The eight motive vibrations synchronize with phenomena of a priori universe, catching the life rhythm as separate dimensions, grasping the universe as U-A-O-E, the for dimensions of mother sounds.

The energy of a priori U dimension manifests as the life rhythm of a posteriori capacity and that life rhythm, as sound, is double-U or WU. It is the fundamental life rhythm of the capacities of our five physical senses.

Similarly, a priori A dimension manifests as the sound WA; WA is the source rhythm of a posteriori capacity for spiritual action.

O dimension becomes WO, the capacity for storage or memory, the intelligence and knowledge of the a posteriori being.

E manifests as WE, the capacity for judgement.*

Without the mirror of the Kototama Principle, it is almost impossible to recognize the four seperate dimensions of self. We mix them up and act from desire, not knowing which desire, that is, from which dimension of self our desires arise.

And we can never discover the existence of our substance, I, the energy that gives us these dimensions with their different capacities and desires.

Human action becomes the activity of the absent self. We see our life as an existence separated from outside phenomenal existence. Without the recognition of I, we must automatically hold a relativistic point of view.

With a posteriori capacity – WU-WO-WA-WE dimensions – universal phenomena are seen separately, as different realities. It really seems like that, but it is not yet the truth.


* Pronunciation – U: as in "new" – O: as in "oh" – A: as in "ah" – E: as in "Way" – I: as in "easy"


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