ASTRONAUT Ready to Eat Space Food – Fruits & Ice Cream



ASTRONAUT® Space Food has been aboard spaceships already since the Apollo Missions of NASA. The brand was created to offer authentic foods that are also used in space. ...>>

Aggregat 4 / V-2 Rocket

Aggregat 4 / V-2 Rocket – First Object in Space, Peenemünde 1942


On October 3, 1942, an Aggregate 4 touched outer space above the Baltic Sea near Peenemünde. It was the first man-made object in space. Weltraumladen produces high-quality, true to original V-2 models made of steel. ...>>

Space & Space Travel – Toys & Education, Rental, Exhibitions ...



Verleih aus einer der größten privaten Raumfahrt-Sammlungen; Kosmonauten und Raumfahrtexperten für Vorträge; Spiele, Spielzeug und Lernmaterialien; Verkauf von Sammlerstücken... Schauen Sie sich um.

pkp Publishers – Philosophy, Literature, Science, Art



Here you find interesting ideas, useful knowledge and noteable storys for calm hours, a journey or your way: Philosophy, Orgonomy, Stories, Books for Children, Fantasy, Kototama Books. ...>>

Orensys – OrgoneEnergySystems according to Wilhelm Reich

OrgoneEnergySystems | CloudBuster Mini


As important as the conquest of outer space is the rediscovery of the animated. Wilhelm Reich's Orgone research provides the scientifical basis for this. Find out about OrgoneEnergySystems and discover the life energy by yourself. ...>>

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