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V-2 Rocket (Aggregat 4) - First Object in Space - October 3, 1942, Peenemuende



Astronaut Space Food Weltraumnahrung - verzehrfertige, gefriergetrocknete Früchte und Eiscreme - Weltraumladen

Developed under direction of Wernher von Braun in Peenemünde, the Aggregat 4 / V-2 forms the technical basis of rocket-based space travel. Weltraumladen produces high-quality, true to original V-2 model rockets made of steel.


Astronaut® Space Foods  The brand was created in 1975 in conjunction with the National Air and Space Museum in the USA to provide authentic foods that had been in space to their museums customers.




NASA Apollo 17 Mondrover Lunar Roving Vehicle - Weltraumladen - Weltraum & Raumfahrt


Free designable rocket model - Customized according to your idea - by Weltraumladen

Here you find toys, games and learning materials, you can equip space exhibitions or rent space suits for your space or space travel project. We are happy to organize lectures by astronauts and space experts for you.



Weltraumladen produces customizable rocket models according to your ideas. As a trophy, cup, for your merchandising, the customer promotion or as a gift, our model rockets with or without base provides the ideal basis for your rocket project.


    ORENSYS OrgoneEnergySystems 


Orensys OrgoneEnergySystems




Love, work and knowledge are the well-springs of our life. They should also govern it.

(Wilhelm Reich) 

orensys OrgoneEnergySystems - ORAK 33³ DL (double layers) 5 Basics of living development - Ten German language lectures by Bernd Senf on Wilhelm Reich and the life energy Orgon


Excerpts from Wilhelm Reich's work - German language - The discovery of Orgone energy, its exploration and applicationCloud sputtering, CloudBuster and rainmaking - OrgoneEnergySystems I - Orensys


Wilhelm Reich (born 1897) discovered the life energy Orgone on the path of Western science. Starting from medicine and psychology, he devoted his life to researching the effect and function of this energy in man, in nature and in the cosmos.



He formulated the scientific basis for a contemporary understanding of the life energy and developed possibilities for its use. The OrgoneAccumulator, for example, concentrates Orgone energy in space. Among other things, a CloudBuster allows manipulation of the Orgone in Earth's atmosphere.




pkp Publishers - philosophy, literature, science and art



Philosophy - pkp Publishers - Trialektik (Pierre Kynast) (German language) Orgonomy - pkp Publishers - OrgonEnergieSysteme I (Pierre Kynast) (German language) Stories - pkp Publishers - Alltägliche Sensationen (Tilo B.) (German language)
Fantasy - pkp Publishers - Die Geheimnisse von Surania (Selenia Night) (German language) Books for children - pkp Publishers - Der Spatzenjunge Flori (Ingeborg Schmelz) (German language) Kototama Books - pkp Publishers - My Past Way of Budo (Masahilo Nakazono)


pkp Publishing resides in Merseburg, Germany and is publishing international in the range of philosophy, literature, science and art.



Authors and Readings
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Cosmonaut and Astronaut Space Food from Russia and USA

Russian cosmonaut food and american astronaut food – Space flight menus in tubes and cans, freeze-dried fruits and ice cream

Aggregat 4 / V-2 Rocket – The First Object in Space

The V-2 story: From Peenemuende to the moon – Hermann Oberth, Wernher von Braun – V-2 model rockets

Customizable Rocket Models

Design your own rocket models, as a trophy, cup or award, branded for your merchandising, customer advertising or as a gift.

Space Flight... – Toys, Education, Rental, Exhibitions, Lectures

Games, toys & learning material – Space suits for hire – Space exhibitions – Lectures by space travelers and space experts

Orensys – OrgoneEnergySystems according to Wilhelm Reich

Orgone accumulators and information on scientific foundations and applications of orgone devices and life energy research

pkp Publishing – Philosophy, Literature, Science and Art

Philosophy – Orgonomy – Novels – Stories – Fantasy – Books for Children – Kototama Books | Authors & Readings – Publish your book

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Astronaut space food – V-2 model rockets – Customizable rocket models – Books from pkp publishers – Orensys OrgoneEnergySystems

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