Man into Space. New Projects for Rockets and Space Travel (Hermann Oberth)

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>> Deutscher Titel: Menschen im Weltraum. Neue Projekte für Raketen- und Raumfahrt

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Verfasser: Hermann Oberth; Translated by G. P. H. De Freville
Harpers & Brothers Publishers 1957
240 Seiten
Sprache: Englisch

Widely recognized as one of the earliest and most distinguished pioneers of rocket research, Hermann Oberth has been studying space travel since the early 1920's. The principles he has formulated and his contributions to the development of the V-2 and other rockets have assured Professor Oberth's place as one of the great rocket scientists.

Man into space presents his theories about the earth satellite, space stations, space suits and the equipment to be used by explorers. Professor Oberth describes spaceships to be powered by electricity derived from the Sun, observatories to be installed on asteroids, vehicles for use in exploring the Moon, and special problems of space travel. He discusses the planet most suitable for Man's first visit, and explains the physical and mental tests which would-be space travelers should undergo before attempting journeys away from Earth.

One of the Most arrestings of the Oberth proposals is the space mirror, which could be used to concentrate the Sun's rays and bring about many changes on Earth. Professor Oberth believes that many of this predictions will be realized by the year 2000.

This stimulating book is illustrated with more than seventy line drawings and halftones. An appendix offers the mathematical justification of Professor Oberth's theories.

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