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Nutrition in outer space
The taste of space
Cosmonaut food & astronaut food

Space Food Laboratory - Space food Menus in tubes and cans - Cosmonaut food


Space Food Laboratory brings high-quality food from space travel to Earth. The Spacefood menus are produced in cooperation with state-owned companies in Russia, which produce for the ISS. Only natural ingredients without genetic engineering are used.

Astronaut Space Food® freeze-dried ice cream and fruits. Developed for NASA's Mercury missions, the brand was created in 1975 in partnership with the U.S. National Air and Space Museum to provide authentic astronaut food as used in space.


Astronaut Space Food - Freeze-dried fruits and ice cream - Astronaut food


V-2 – First object in space
"We have reached into space with our rocket."
Walter Dornberger, Peenemünde, 3 October 1942

V-2 rocket (Aggregate 4) - first object in space - 3 October 1942, Peenemünde


Developed under the leadership of Wernher von Braun in Peenemünde, Germany, the Aggregat 4 / V-2 rocket is the worldwide start and technical basis of the entire rocket-based space flight. Weltraumladen manufactures true to original V-2 model rockets made of solid steel..

Weltraumladen manufactures for you individual rocket models according to your imagination. As trophy, cup, award, for your merchandising, the customer advertisement or as gift, with or without pedestal the ideal basis for your rocket project.


Rocket individual - Free designable rocket model according to your imagination


The vastnesses of outer space
Space flight giftware, games, toys & education
On to new seas

Space flight ... - Games, toys and learning


Learning, games & physical 3D puzzles


Astronaut Teddy - Cosmonaut plush figure - keyring pendant


Plush figures & keyrings – Astronaut Teddy, cosmonaut White



Stress Toys - Earth, Moon, Rocket, Space Shuttle, Cosmonaut/Astronaut, - Soft rubber/synthetics


Space flight & planets stress toys of soft, elastic synthetics


Astronauts mug as space suit helmet - coffee cup cosmonaut


Space mug – space helmet, space motifs



Design set space flight - cork coasters, notebooks, coffee cups


Design set space flight – Cups, cork coasters, notebooks


Christmas Tree Glass Ornaments - Craftsmanship from Thuringia, Germany


Christmas tree glass decoration from Thuringia, Germany




3D postcards, bookmarks, rulers and magnets on space and space flight


3D postcards, bookmarks, rulers & magnets with space flight motifs



3D magnets - planets of our solar system & men into space


3D magnets – Planets of our solar system & men into space





Get yourself a piece of space on the earth
Space flight... rental of space suits, exhibitions, lectures by cosmonauts
Company events, theme days, trade fairs


Space flight ... - Rental of space suits


Rental of space suits


Space flight ... - Exhibitions and rental


Exhibitions and rental



Space flight ... - Lectures by space travelers and space experts


Lectures by space travelers and space experts




    ORENSYS OrgoneEnergySystems 

Life energy research
"Love, work and knowledge are the sources of our lives.
They should also determine it."

Wilhelm Reich


Excerpts from Wilhelm Reich's work - The discovery of Orgone energy, its research and application (German)Fundamentals of living development - Ten lectures by Bernd Senf on Wilhelm Reich and the life energy Orgone (German)


Cloud busting, CloudBuster and rain making - OrgoneEnergySystems I (German)orensys OrgoneEnergySystem - ORAK 33³ DL 5 - Orgone accumulator


Wilhelm Reich (1897 - 1957) discovered the life energy Orgone on the way of western science. Based on medicine and psychology he researched the effect and function of this energy in humans, nature and the cosmos.




In addition to the scientific basis for a contemporary understanding of life energy, Reich created possibilities for its use. The Orgone accumulator, for example, concentrates Orgone energy in space. A cloud buster enables manipulations of the earth's Orgone shell.




Kototama books
The Kototama Principle was perfected many ages ago by our human ancestors. It is the principle of human life in its totality, the principle that governs the activity of the life of the universe. It is the law of the operation of human capacity, its derivation, manifestation and action.
Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono



A book of essays, written by Masahilo Nakazono (1918 - 1994). Sensei Nakazono studied Aikido directly under O Sensei Ueshiba, the founder of Aikido, for many years in Japan. Sensei had the idea to bring Aikido to the rest of the world. He opened the first dojo outside of Japan in Singapore. He was martial arts consultant to the government of South Vietnam. He then went to France. After learning of the Kototama Principle, Sensei changed his understanding of Aikido, and his medical work. ...>>


My Past Way of Budo (Masahilo Nakazono) - Kototama Books - pkp Publishing

Kototama Books by Masahilo Nakazono


My Past Way of Budo

And other Essays



Inochi (Masahilo Nakazono) - Kototama Books - pkp Publishing

Kototama Books by Masahilo Nakazono



The Book of Life


This book presents the ancient principle of Kototama. The 50 life rhythms, including the 5 mother sounds combining with the 10 father rhythms, are explored fully. This practice opens one up to the highest human capacity. The three orders of society are delineated and explained in detail. Sensei Nakazono studied directly under Senseis Ueshiba (the founder of Aikido) and Ogasawara (a teacher of the Kototama Principle) for many years, and then taught the Kototama Principle in Europe, the United States, and Mexico. ...>>



In today's society we have tried everything: science and spirituality, communism and capitalism... Nothing seems conclusive, and happiness appears far from us. The answer can in fact be found in the foundation of our beings, the Kototama Principle. Masahilo Nakazono dedicated his life to this priciple, which has been hidden for over ten thousand years. "The ancient Celts told me that in the future the current of our society will make a complete turnaround. We will steer ourselves away from our course of the last eight thousand years and return to the principle of life." ...>>


The Source of the Present Civilization (Masahilo Nakazono) - Kototama Books - pkp Publishing

Kototama Books by Masahilo Nakazono


The Source of the Present Civilization



The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (Masahilo Nakazono) - Kototama Books - pkp Publishing

Kototama Books by Masahilo Nakazono


The Real Sense of Natural Therapy


Born into a family of health care practitioners, Sensei Nakazono began his formal studies of acupuncture in 1934 when he was sixteen. For many years his contributuion as teacher, writer, speaker and consultantwere highly regarded in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The public recognition of his genius resulted in students from various countries coming to Santa Fe study with him the Kototama Principle and its applications in health care. ...>>



"It is impossible to enumerate the different representations of the universe that one finds in the traditions, myths, religions and philosophies throughout the world. Each culture has its own theory, but to discover the link which unites them one only has to acces the viewpoint of the Kototama Principle. Their common source is also the source of our existence." Masahilo Nakazono dedicated his life to the study of Kototama. He has handed us the fruit of his tireless research in order to decipher the hidden teachings of the Old and New Testaments. ...>>


The Source of the Old and New Testaments (Masahilo Nakazono) - Kototama Books - pkp Publishing

Kototama Books by Masahilo Nakazono


The Source of the Old and New Testaments



Authors & readings - pkp Publishing


Authors & readings

Publish my book


pkp Publishing - Philosophy, literature, science and art



Based in Merseburg, Germany, pkp Publishing publishes internationally in the fields of philosophy, literature, science and art.





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pkp publishing – philosophy, literature, science and art

Philosophy – Orgonomy – Novels – Stories – Fantasy – Books for Children – Kototama Books | Authors & Readings | Publish my book

Cosmonaut and astronaut space food from Russia and USA

Russian cosmonaut food and american astronaut food – Space flight menus in tubes and cans, freeze-dried fruits and ice cream

Space flight gifts, toys & education

Space gifts - Games, toys and learning materials - Mugs, Stationery, Key rings, Plush Figures, Board Games, 3D Puzzles...

Aggregat 4 / V-2 rocket – The first object in space

The V-2 story: From Peenemuende to the moon – Hermann Oberth, Wernher von Braun – V-2 model rockets

Individual rocket models according to your ideas

Design your own rocket models, as a trophy, cup or award, branded for your merchandising, customer advertising, as a gift or own product...

Space flight... rental, exhibitions, lectures

Space suit rental – Space flight exhibitions – Lectures by space travelers and space travel experts

Orensys – OrgoneEnergySystems according to Wilhelm Reich

Orgone accumulators and information on scientific foundations and applications of orgone devices and life energy research

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Fudoshin Dojo Network

Fudoshin Dojo Network

The Fudoshin network dojos are schools of Japanese martial arts. With Aikido, sword and other techniques, the spirit of Budo is taught.

Feel & love, know & can, want to & dare, do & keep silent

Feel & love, know & can, want to & dare, do & keep silent

Rediscovery of the living. Self-development in the multidimensional cosmos. Creator in the Garden of Eden.

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Until the principle of life returns to the human heart, no one can change the course of this current of civilization. (Hinomoto no Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono)