Feel & love, know & can, want to & dare, do & keep silent

Friedrich Nietzsche – Rediscovery of the living

Friedrich Nietzsche (1882) – Wiederentdeckung des Lebendigen


Complete table of contents of the works of Friedrich Nietzsche, as far as they were intended for publication by Nietzsche himself (German)

Franz Bardon – Self-development in the multidimensional cosmos

Franz Bardon – Erste Tarotkarte – Der_Magier (Der Weg zum wahren Adepten)


Complete table of contents of the teaching works of Franz Bardon, which correspond to the first three tarot cards (German)

Anastasia (Wladimir Megre) – Creator in the Garden of Eden

Anastasia (Wladimir Megre) - Bild: Waldlichtung mit Wildbach (Heinrich Boehmer. 1930)


Complete table of contents of the Anastasia books by Wladimir Megre with some quotationes (German edition)

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  • Masahilo Nakazono (Self-development in the multidimensional cosmos)




My hectare Earth – (Creator in the Garden of Eden)

mEIN Hektar Erde – Ein Hektar Erde für jede Familie – Frei


... indivisible, not lendable, not seizable, not to expropriate, not to sell, not to tax - untouchable, inviolable ...


Points of view, perspectives, assessments

Corona während einer vollständigen Sonnenfinsternis - cc Creative Commons License


Information on the current state of emergency in the Corona Committee and the Great Barrington Declaration