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Data collection

a.) Data collection when the website is accessed

You may visit our website without providing any personal details. Each time you access a website, the webserver will only automatically document a server log file, which contains the name of the requested file, your pseudonymised IP address, date and time of your access, volume of transferred data and the requesting provider (access data) and documents the access. This access data is used solely for the purpose of ensuring a fault-free operation of the site and to improve our offer. When balancing interests, this serves to preserve our overriding justified interests in a correct portrayal of our offer in accordance with Art. 6(1) 1f GDPR. All access data will be deleted at the latest seven days after the end of your visit to the site.

b) Contract data

We collect, process and store the data that you provide to us when you register, decide to purchase our products and/or contact us by a contact form. Personal data is collected from the completed online screens/order forms/contact-forms with details of name, address including email address, together with details about each order including the payment details. The customer is free to choose whether to enter this data and transfer it. Only such personal data that is absolutely necessary in order to fulfil the contract will be collected. The data collected will only be stored for as long as necessary and permitted within the scope of the contractual agreement and to comply with the applicable legislation.

Legal basis for data processing

Significantly, we only process and use your personal data within the limits of contract fulfilment pursuant to Art. 6 GDPR. In addition, we ensure that we only request the minimum personal data required for the business transaction. If personal data is processed in preparation for or based on a contractual relationship, there must be a justified interest to do this. Such a justified interest can be assumed, if the party concerned is a (possible) customer of the party responsible.


The STRATO AG, Pascalstraße 10, 10587 Berlin, Germany supplies for us the services for hosting the online shop and the data collected within this framework as part of processing on our behalf pursuant to Article 28 GDPR. This serves to preserve our overriding justified interests, as part of balancing interests, in a correct portrayal of our offer in accordance with Art. 6(1) 1f GDPR. All data, which is collected during the course of using this website or in the forms provided in the online shop, as described in the following, shall be processed on the provider’s servers, who places the greatest of importance on data protection, and these servers only operate computer centres that document the highest security standards through ISO certification.

Your rights

We are happy to inform you in writing if and what data we have stored about you. If you intend to assert your statutory rights to be informed of, rectify, erase or lock your data, please contact our data protection officer.

Data protection officer

weltraumladen – Orensys – pkp Verlag
Pierre Kynast
Am Stadtweg 12 – Tor 4
06217 Merseburg

Telefon: +49 (0)3461 309671
Mobil: +49 (0)172 3552864


The visitor counter "Globe" on our website

10. Widget Service and Public Statistics

10.1 Description

RevolverMaps provides visitor map widgets for the use on websites. The widgets show the locations of visitors of a website using the service. The determination of the location bases on anonymized IP addresses as described under 4.2. (Geolocation and Anonymized IP Addresses for Geolocation). Every widget contains a link to a public statistics page at This page exists to provide more detailed information coming along with better accessibility.

10.2 Installation and Functional Principle

In order to make use of the widget service the administrator of a website installs a piece of code which requests the resources that are required for the correct function of the service every time the page is being loaded by a user. These resources are for instance JavaScript programs, images and location data to be displayed by a particular widget.

The widget code is freely available without the need of submitting personal data. An unique token (a combination of digits and letters) is installed with the widget code. This token is used to associate visitor data with a particular website.

In addition to the loading of resources the client side code sends a request that is used to register the client and to perform the geolocation asdescribed. The result of the geolocation is stored in a database and is displayed by widgets and on the live statistics page.

10.3 Data

The following data is stored and visible to everyone. Please note that the storage of per location data is limited to one data record in an area of 40km². When new data is available for such a cell, the old data will be replaced:

Per location data:

  • The coordinates, rounded to grid cells of 40km²; used to draw location markers
  • The location name (city, region, country)
  • The time and date of the request
  • The total number of visits per location, aggregated for all users

Aggregated data (not coupled with location data):

  • The total number of visits, aggregated for all users

In addition the URL of the website containing a widget is sent to RevolverMaps and stored privately on the RevolverMaps servers for 1 hour. This data can be used internally for debugging purposes and abuse prevention and is never published or shared. This data collection happens for the purposes of legitimate interests in accordance with Article 6(1)(f) GDPR.

Data exchange is limited to the client browser executing widget code and RevolverMaps servers. The protocol of the user website is also used for connections to the RevolverMaps servers. Thus users of the service are encouraged to secure their websites with TLS to secure these connections.

It is important to state that:

  • As long as the website using the service does not leak sensitive information (for instance as part of it's URLs), the RevolverMaps service is technically incapable of identifying users as persons. RevolverMaps has no access to data that would be required and does not collect such data.
  • The RevolverMaps service is free of cookies and does not track users across websites. The system is not designed to identify users by unique id's from cookies or other storage technics.

10.4 Data Protection Notice

Users have to disclose the use of the widget service in their privacy policy. The user is responsible for the correct content of the notice. It is recommended to specify the purpose of the use and the data being collected and processed (see this document). It is furthermore recommended to provide a link to this document:

Integrated connections to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks

On our pages you can activate links to Facebook, Twitter and other social networks. No data will be transferred to third parties before these links are activated by the user. When you activate these links, data is transferred to the service providers. We have no knowledge of the type and scope of data collection and have no influence on the use of the data by these services. Please inform yourself in advance at the respective services about their handling of collected data.