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OrgoneAccumulator ORAK 33³ DL 5

Product no.: oes101

OrgoneAccumulator with five double layers; Volume of accumulation space 33 cm³; Normalized for research; Number of double layers variable

1,375.24 *
Product data sheet

can be shipped within 7-14 days
Delivery weight: 17 kg

OrgoneHose 26x21x2000 mm

Product no.: oes102

Orgone hose for ORAK 33³: Galvanized steel sheet inside; Jacket PVC; Diameter: inside 21.1 mm, outside 26.4 mm; Length 2000 mm

48.24 *

can be shipped within 7-14 days
Delivery weight: 950 g

Lab-Thermometer TFA LT-102

Product no.: oes-z-001

Digital control thermometer; Cable length for temperature sensor 3 m; Temperature sensor suitable for connection to ORAK 33³

Product data sheet
Delivery weight: 90 g

Enhancement Set 5 DL for ORAK 33³

Product no.: oes103

Five double layers (5 DL) expansion kit for Orensys ORAK 33³; 30 pieces galvanized sheet steel foil; 30 pieces of PE foam film

354.00 *

can be shipped within 7-14 days
Delivery weight: 350 g

CloudBusterMini – CBM

Product no.: oes100

CloudBusterMini CBM: galvanized steel tube; Wood hinge; Safety caps; Flyer "Cloud Busting"

61.02 *
Delivery weight: 910 g

OrgonEnergieSysteme I + CloudBuster Mini

Product no.: oes100+pkp-1-181

Book: OrgonEnergieSysteme I; 72 pages + CloudBusterMini CBM; Galvanized steel tube; Wooden hinge

62.77 *
Delivery weight: 1,100 g

OrgonEnergieSysteme I

Product no.: pkp-1-181

(72 Seiten) Einführung in die orgonotische Beeinflussung der Atmosphäre; Wolkenzerstäuben; Regenmachen; Orgonenergie; Cloudbuster

11.42 *
Delivery weight: 120 g

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Orensys researches and develops orgone energy systems that can be used for further research and application of the orgone energy developed by Wilhelm Reich.

Wilhelm Reich was born in 1897 in Galicia. He explored the life energy orgone and its function in the medical, psychological, biological, scientific and cosmological field. He died in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania in 1957 after banning his books on orgone, life energy and the use of orgone devices he developed in the United States.

Only in German language at the moment:

Einen Einblick in sein Schaffen geben die hier hinterlegten Auszüge aus Büchern von Wilhelm Reich.

Eine umfassende Darstellung des gesamten Lebenswerkes von Wilhelm Reich bietet die Vortragsreihe: Grundlagen lebendiger Entfaltung. Bernd Senf über Wilhelm Reich.

Gutes orgonotisches Wetter

Picture: Good weather in a good area