Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

Hinomoto no Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono. Born in May 1918 in Southern Japan, Kagoshima District, Sensei Nakazono began his studies by practicing kendo at the age of 6, judo at 12, and karate at 19. Later he studied many other forms of martial arts; then fully immersed himself in the art of aikido, learning directly from O Sensei Ueshiba, its founder. Following his mother's inclination, Sensei Nakazono began his formal studies of acupuncture in 1934 at age 16. He was a student of George Ohsawa, the founder of macrobiotics, and Sakai Sensei, who taught the spirit of finite form, Jizo Bosatsu. He was re-introduced to the Kototama Principle by Sensei Ogasawara, and revised every aspect of his life and work with this profound viewpoint. In 1972 he moved to Santa Fe, where he established the Kototama Institute. He inspired the passage of the New Mexico Acupuncture Act in 1973. Sensei Nakazono taught the Kototama Principle in Santa Fe and throughout the world. He devoted his life to handing it over to all of humanity. He passed over on October 8, 1994.

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INOCHI. Das Buch des Lebens (Eng | Deu)

Product no.: pkp-1-464

(268 pages) The real meaning of the search for the Kototama Principle is the search for the substance of self.

20.47 *
Delivery weight: 450 g

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy (Eng | Deu)

Product no.: pkp-1-556

(172 pages) Fundamentals of natural healing, Kototama life principle, self-healing, exercises, nutrition, yin/yang

18.60 *
Delivery weight: 320 g

INOCHI. The Book of Life

Product no.: pkp-kb-inochi

119 pages. The ancient principle of Kototama – The 50 life rhythms, including the 5 mother sounds combining with the 10 father rhythms

17.38 *
Delivery weight: 190 g

The Source of the Present Civilization

Product no.: pkp-kb-426

243 pages. The most current explanation of the Kototama Principle and revelations about ancient times.

23.82 *
Delivery weight: 510 g

The Real Sense of Natural Therapy

Product no.: pkp-kb-433

71 pages. Sensei Nakazono, a master healer, transformed the "ancient" healing methods to follow the Kototama Principle.

17.61 *
Delivery weight: 150 g

My Past Way of Budo. And other Essays

Product no.: pkp-kb-402

101 pages. Sensei Nakazono studied Aikido directly under O Sensei Ueshiba. The Kototama Principle changed his understanding of Aikido.

17.38 *
Delivery weight: 220 g

The Source of the Old and New Testaments

Product no.: pkp-kb-440

241 pages. “In the beginning there was the Word” – The Old and New Testaments examined through the viewpoint of Kototama

23.90 *
Delivery weight: 530 g

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