The Real Sense of Natural Therapy

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The Real Sense of Natural Therapy


Mikoto Masahilo Nakazono

71 pages. ISBN 9780971667433. Sound charts included

Kototama Books USA:


Born into a family of health care practitioners, Sensei Nakazono began his formal studies of acupuncture in 1934 when he was sixteen. For many years his contributuion as teacher, writer, speaker and consultantwere highly regarded in the U.S., Europe and Japan. The public recognition of his genius resulted in students from various countries coming to Santa Fe study with him the Kototama Principle and its applications in health care. Cited as a "Santa Fe Living Treasure" by the Santa Fe Network for the Common Good for his "distinguished service to the life, heart and spirit of the community," Sensei has also been presented with The Award of Exceptional Achievement by the New Mexico State Senate "for having inspired ... the passage of the New Mexico Acupuncture Act ... and for the professional practice and recognition of acupuncture in this state since 1972."

Sensei Nakazono, a master healer, transformed the "ancient" healing methods to follow the Kototama Principle, a far older tradition. He had studied with Sakai Sensei, master of spiritual healing. He was in charge of the macrobiotic hospital in India with Sensei Ohsawa. Then, after learning of the Kototama Principle, he revised his work, achieving a 99% cure rate for his patients. He taught a comprehensive diet for living by, as preventive and curative therapy. This book shows photos of self-exercises, gives his dietary guidelines, explains the basics of the Kototama Principle, and has many methods for helping restore oneself to health.




The original version of "The Real Sense of Natural Therapy" was written as a newsletter when the author first came to Santa Fe and realized how little informed the public was about natural therapy as alternative to scientific treatment methods. This included only the first part of the book presented here. Later on he added the second part, to inform the New Mexice legislature when they were considering passing a bill to legalize acupuncture. With his leadership, the bill was passed. Newe Mexico was the first state in the union to introduce such a bill (the author's first attempt) but it took a few more years to have it accepted. The rest of this book is excerpts taken from the textbook of the Kototama Institute, directed toward the serious lay public who wish to have a broader and deeper understanding about health and healing and ultimately what it means to be a human being.


This therapy is based on the life principle of Kototama Futomani. By this medical work, we are attempting to demonstrate that this principle is the final truth.

I have been a practitioner of oriental medicine for the past fifty years. Oriental medicine is one name but there are many different methods and groups of specialization within the same broad heading. These groups have their advantages and disadvantages but they have no fundamental general principle of the source of human disease. Western medicine is the same.

When I arrived at this life principle, I began to re-study oriental medicine, comparing it to the life principle. Gradually I began to understand that the medical principles based on the life principle were symbolically hidden in the Yellow Emporer's Classic Internal Medicine, the Nei-Ching, our religious doctrines, cultural mythologies, etc. The content of the life principle was hinted at and all the ancient documents were based upon these hints. These documents of principles and theories were transmitted generation to generation and are the basis of today's oriental medicine.

Present human beings must try to understand the true meaning of our ancestors' thoughts and teachings. First we must renounce our present knowledge and return "as a new born baby", our minds a blank piece of paper, and begin to search for the real source of ourselves – our substance.

The original way of civilization was based on the view of the life dimension's world; their medical therapys were the same. However, after the life principle was hidden in symbolic hints, these hints became the foundation of today's "oriental medicine". Today, oriental medicine and oriental civilization have no way to grasp the content of the sunstance. They have lost it.

For the past twenty years I have searched and practiced so as to grasp the life principle. The present situation of civilization has to be based on this principle. I founded this Life Therapy with the intention of proving the Way of Truth.

Masahilo M. Nakazono, Santa F, N.M. 1985


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