3D space magnet – Uranus – Planets of the Solar system

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Uranus – 3D space magnet – Planets of the Solar system

3D picture on 6 x 6 cm plastic board with magnet


This view of the planet Uranus shows it in so-called false colors, which do not correspond to its real colors. In this way it is easier to see the nature of the atmosphere. Uranus is a huge gas planet, its diameter is four times the size of Earth. Like Saturn and Jupiter, one cannot enter it. It has 11 rings and 27 moons. The colour comes from hydrogen, helium and methane, from which its clouds are composed.

Uranus can hardly be seen from Earth with the naked eye and it is difficult to observe it with a telescope because it is far away and very faint. In contrast to other planets, the north and south poles are not above and below, but left and right - Uranus lies on its side and "rolls" on its orbit around the sun.

Choking hazard, small parts
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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