Enhancement Set 5 DL for ORAK 33³

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The ORAK 33³ is a flexible Orgone energy system. The number of double layers (DL) is variable and can be extended and reduced. By using standardized materials, methodically safe comparisons are possible. In addition, the ORAK 33³ can be adapted to individual usage requirements thanks to the flexible number of double layers.

The expansion set of 5 DL for the ORAK 33³ consists of a total of 30 sheets of PVC / galvanized steel sheet (0.1 mm sheet, 0.05 mm PVC) and 30 sheets of PE foam (1 mm). The dimensions of the sheets are 310 x 310 mm.

For the lid of the ORAK 33³, 5 sheets of PVC / sheet and 5 sheets of PE foam film are provided with the corresponding holes for the connections in the lid.

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