Space Shuttle Space Suit

Product no.: ssi-004

Space Shuttle Space Suit

High-quality replica of a space suit from NASA's Space Shuttle Program. Movie prop from the Hollywood blockbuster Armageddon with Bruce Willlis. Insurance value suit complete: 33.500, - EUR. The suit has signs of wear.

The minimum loan period is seven days (including return transport). Shipping costs depend on the loan amount.

Rental prices

A: Shuttle suit, helmet, gloves: 990, - EUR / seven days *

B: Helmet without suit: 450, - EUR / seven days *

Shipping costs (A or B) for transport to the borrower within Germany 50, - EUR *, international on request; the return transport is to be arranged by the borrower on his own account

* All prices plus 19% VAT; Subject to change and adaptation in individual cases; a proof of insurance may be required for the period of borrowing

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