3D space magnet – Mercury – Planets of the Solar system

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Mercury – 3D space magnet – Planets of the Solar system

3D picture on 6 x 6 cm plastic board with magnet


This picture of Mercury is not a photo, but was compiled from many individual photographs taken by the Mariner 10 probe. The picture was then processed artistically. The differences between day and night temperatures are greater for Mercury than for all the other planets. Since there is no atmosphere on Mercury like on Earth, there is no protection from the glowing heat of the Sun during the day, and it gets very cold at night. Temperatures vary between about 420 degrees and -180 degrees Celsius.

Because many meteorites have hit Mercury, it has many craters. Mercury is the planet that revolves closest to the Sun and, like our Earth, has a solid body. It has no moons and is the smallest planet of our solar system, it is only a little bigger than our moon.

Choking hazard, small parts
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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