3D space magnet – Aurora Borealis – Planets

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Aurora Borealis – 3D space magnet – Planets of the Solar system

3D picture on 6 x 6 cm plastic board with magnet

Aurora borealis

This artistic representation shows a polar light on an exoplanet. Northern lights are light phenomena that can be seen in the regions around the northern and southern poles at dark nights. They occur when electrically charged particles emitted by the sun (the so-called solar wind) hit the earth's atmosphere along the magnetic field lines and, through their high energy, excite and light up the molecules of the air.

These phenomena are well to see to the naked eye. They are available in red, blue and green colours. In the northern hemisphere they are called Aurora Borealis (northern dawn), in the southern Aurora Australis (southern dawn). The first photographs of northern lights on Earth were taken by Martin Brendel and Otto Baschin on 1 February 1892.

Choking hazard, small parts
Not suitable for children under 3 years of age

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